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Post by Alcoholics Unanimous on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:38 pm

Here we go (eventually) with 8 out of 10 results returned:

The 2014 Coaches Poll

Player Awards
State House Champ

Well, pretty unsurprising here with 6 coaches going for Sammy B, and understandably so.  
“I’m just glad he is not around next year, otherwise Jasper would have consecutive good years for the first time ever”.
Honourable mentions: Hayne and Ben Hunt?!

State House Chump
In a tight race, with plenty of contenders, your Chump is Feleti Mateo.
“Not 1, not 2, but 3 coaches have fallen for Mateo’s charms this year and for what 1 try and 1cat C AF.  Absolute bum!!!!!”
Honourable mention:  Ben Barba

Rookie of the Year
Unanimous:  Alex Johnson.
“I was pretty sure this guy would never hold a starting spot, or score that many tries with the depth of freakish ability that Souths had, but he was freaking unbelievable!”

Bargain of the Year
In a way, kinda surprised that Semi Radradra got the nod here, but it seems there was plenty of anti-Dale Copley sentiment out there, and accordingly he only managed a runners up position for 2014.
“Cannot believe Dale Copley is a better choice on hard maths, what a stupid season”

Most Overpaid Player
David Williams runs away with it this year.  Pity that’s about all the running he did for his half a mil.
Honourable mention:  James McManus

Best Used Goods – The Slutty Sue Shield
That little shit Ben Hunt takes it.  In my defence, I weighed up the form of Norman and Hunt after 3 rounds and took Norman...  definitely not my best play, but at least I didn’t protect Barba over Sammy B.
“Has been unstoppable!!!  Shame Dan he would have been bargain of the year for 91k 10 tries, 10PP’s and 19 goals”
Fucking bhunt.

Best Mid-Season Pick-Up
Following up from his Bargain Award, Alex Johnston comes home well in front in the vote again.
Honourable mentions: Josh Jackson and Kidley.

Damn that Injury
Lots of coaches feeling they were hard done by with injuries and four even nominated their own players for this one.  Those four coaches can go fuck themselves, I’ve ignored your votes, and so it goes to Nathan Peats.  Funny thing is Rich voted for his own player too, but Peats got there by a whisker.

Most Hated Player
Seems like the Origin battle lines weighed heavily in this, with only one vote for a non-Origin player.  Evidently, Queenslanders were quite bitter with Gallen this year, and even as a NSW boy, I can see where you are coming from.
Honourable mentions: Josh Reynolds.
“Massive grub, all round shit bloke.  I mean, how do you even get the nickname “Grub” playing in the same team as Mick Ennis????”

SHB Ambassador – The Greg Bird Scholarship Award for Off-Field Services
The Bubbler Todd Carney takes this one pretty much uncontested.  Took getting on the piss to the next level.
“Hats off to Todd Carney for saving Asada some money and testing his own piss”
Honourable mention:  Koni Hurrell’s driving abilities

Worst Draft Pick
Lots of mentions for James McManus on this one.  Pity we didn’t hear his name so often on the commentary.
“No way he was going to repeat 2013, but he has a Scottish name so how could Tim resist?”
Honourable mention: Liam Fulton for not being able to take a hit.

Game Awards
Best Game

Unanimous: Merkins 60 v Zooms 60 (round 9)
“I think this game deserves a breakdown of sorts of the final moments to show what a cracker it really was: It’s Monday Night Football, the Zoomorphs are well up 47 to 34 with four players in the bank – Consistent performers in Hayne and Peats plus a couple of wild cards in the shape of Pauli Dos and Flash. The Merks had made considerable gains into a Johnson manufactured lead but only had Tirau offcast Ken Sio and the then out of sorts Sandow still to play. Not quite a forgone conclusion seeming Sandow had the tee but pretty damn close.

Jarryd Hayne got the Zooms off to a great start with a try in the 21st minute pushing the lead to 17 and things were already looking pretty grim for the Merkeels before they went on a scoring rampage starting with the conversion of that try:
Sandow conversion – lead cut to 15
Sandow try – lead 11
Sandow conversion – lead 9
A Sio try – lead 5
Sandow conversion – Morningside now just three off the pace at halftime and Sandow is on FIRE! Kicking uncatchable bombs, 40-20s and goals from the sideline, a try and a linebreak plus a couple of assists and the 4 point PP is surely wrapped up with Hayne resigned to being bridesmaid despite impressive stats of his own. With the Zoo forwards nowhere to be seen, it’s effectively only a 1 point lead.

The punishment continues after the second half whistle when Sandow converts one to give Morningside the lead! Then another to push it out to three! Finally Flash gives the fading Zooms a boost scoring in the 68th minute to put their nose back in front by 1 and with only 10 minutes to hold on, surely the Eels and Merks are out of gas? Nope, Sio goes in again 4 minutes later and the Merks retake lead and although Sandow finally misses a conversion, there is now less than 5 minutes to play. I’m resigned to the loss, just happy to be part of such a classic game.

But wait, what’s this? Hayne scoops on a loose one, scoots up the sideline and SCORES! Game ZOOMS! A one point, get out of jail, comeback, comeback for the ages.

But wait, what’s this? A bullshit 80th minute sin-bin for Hayne! leagueunlimted’s take: “In the world of frivolous sin-bins, that is right up there.” FAAAAARRK!

60 all. A ripper.”

Worst Game
Seems like most of you didn’t like the options for this one, but go get fucked, the Trackies were not involved in the worst game of the year, the Hams and TOA were in round 22 (7 – Cool.
“Absolute snorefest and it didn’t even happen on a bye round...”
Dishonourable mention:  Hipsters 60 – Tractors 0 (round 22)

Upset of the Year
We have a tie!  Both involve the Zooms losing, so there’s something to help you through the loooooong off season Dartschool.  Zooms 24 v Hams 25 (round 6) & Zooms 6 v Hams 41 (round 1).

Coaching Awards
Coach of the Year

Pretty much a two horse race, but Peter Fortune brings it home to go with his cherry breaking title.
“How can it be anyone but Kenny Powers? Losing 4 games all year in a comp like this is awesome. Jasper doesn’t deserve it cos he’s a wanker, Ackermen don’t warrant it this year, Zooms and Tractors did good not amazing and like fuck I’m giving the vote to someone not in the finals.”
Honourable mentions:  Jasper, Dartschool and yours truly (don’t think that means you don’t have to buy me beers Jimbo...)

Ain’t No Wayne Bennett
He even voted for himself on this one, so you can have it Benzo, for both Barba and Fulton.
Honourable mention:  James for getting suckered in Zillmangate.

The Kid Can Coach
Some surprises here, but Jimbo takes this one not being piss weak, and being relatively involved in the forum.
“James – for not coming last.”
Honourable mention:  Timmah for not adding to his significant collection of wooden spoons.

The Grammar Slide
Another close race here, but Wiremu finally wins something this year.  Pity he’ll never even read these awards to bask in his own gloryhole.
“Remember that time you knew how to coach Mu?  In fact, remember Mu?”
“The Karruptas won the wooden spoon with James back – nuff said”

Honourable mention:  The Merkins and their TBC coach.

The Only Child Prize
5 coaches mentioned here, and a couple of coaches didn’t fill this one in, but Jasper still picked up 3 votes, mainly for being a prick.
Honourable mentions:  Benzo, Danny, Pete and Mu.

The Middleton Dummy Spit Award
Funnily enough, with 3 votes, it goes to everyone apart from Ben and James for Zillmangate.
“Let’s be honest – they both lost.”

Most Worthy Opponent
Again, votes spread pretty thin this year, but Benzo gets another gong for this one.
“Still takes it so seriously, still sending pissy texts, and I beat his ass twice.”
Honourable mention:  Zooms.

Most Worthless Opponent
Votes not so spread this time around, and general disappointment expressed that The Ghost (Fidders) pretty much fell off the face of the Earth when his season turned to mud.

State of the Game
Should we use the same draft system again next year?

Suggestions include removing the snake system, and a couple for making it reverse finishing order.  Also seems to be a few coaches unhappy with the 3x minimum spend.  One suggestion is to up the cap, the other is to organise our own draft, via forum or email, with set prices per round, eg first round 500k, second 550k, etc.

Should the live draft be extended to picking entire squads?
Everyone one seems more than happy with the mix.

Should State of House continue as is?  Is there a better way to divide up the squads?
Again everyone seems pretty happy.  Some suggestions:  married v happy guys, or a three way melbs, London, aucks comp.  Also a suggestion that if the AF/DF/PP categories score the same next year, we need to reassess the minimum 4 points to qualify for the Protected Player.

Do you agree with the changes to the Log this year, or would you prefer it was run in a different way?
Feelings range from “it’s dead” to “work in progress”, but no one seems to have even a suggestion for a solution.

Are you happy with the new Finals Systems?
A late addition to the poll, but two suggestions.  One is to make it more elite by making it top 4 or 5, another to make it attainable for more coaches going deeper into the season, say a top 8.   I quite like this idea tbh, means coaches less likely to give up halfway through, and gives 3rd and 4th position an extra advantage they didn’t get this year.

Should protected players continue to remain the same?
James suggests we should scrap them and start fresh next year...  Every sane coach though is happy.  Jasper is still arguing about the 13th pick for non-3PP teams.

Anyone need to be dropped/replaced for next year?
Most coaches don’t want to see anyone leave, but commitment from Tim, Wiremu, Sam and Dreas was questioned by more than one coach.

Forum involvement has been lacklustre in 2014, what changes could be made to encourage involvement?
Main point, made by many coaches, is a look towards some kind of FB related group.  The suggestion is this will make it easier for coaches to stay up to speed and in touch.  Most of you forgot Tim is not on FB...  I must say, it’s a fair point.  I started the year with a hiss and a roar on the forum, but dropped off towards the end.  Was pretty hard to stay engaged with the same 3 or 4 posters.[/b][/b]
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